Tips On Preparing Kids For School

Going to school is a big step for you kid. It means that he is ready to take on new things and face on challenges outside the walls of your home. They will be interacting with people and individuals other than you or your family members.

However, some kids might feel a little anxious of going to a new environment without their parents. To better prepare your kids on their new journey, here are some tips that might ease their anxiety.

  • Prep them weeks before


One of the mistakes that most parents commit on prepping their kids to school is that they do it when it is too late, like a day before the semester starts. If it is the first time your kid will be going to school, the time frame might be a little tight. It would be best to prepare them weeks before.


Psyche them up on going to school by telling them wonderful stories about the place and the awesome things that they will be doing. Do not bribe them to go to school. This might set an expectation that they will be getting a reward if they go. Prepare them properly.


  • Drive them on location before school starts


Your kid might be so used to your home environment and might feel a little unfamiliar with the school. As part of the preparation, take them to school days and weeks before. Drive them through schools near Mirdif in Dubai so they will have an idea what an actual school looks like. It would be best if you can give your kid an early tour to the school where he is enrolled so he can have a better look of the place. Take him to the exciting part of the premises to psyche him up more.

  • Take them to shopping


For older students, one of the most exciting part of going back to school is the shopping part, for obvious reasons. If your kid is a first-timer, then shopping can also be a way to excite him on the upcoming event. Take him to shopping and splurge a little on school supplies. Let him have his pick of things he would be taking in school, but also put some limitations.


  • Ask what is bothering them


Days before school starts, ask your kid on his thoughts on him going to school. You may need to coax your kid a little so he can open up. But you need to do this so you can answer his concerns and put to rest his apprehensions.


  • Let go of your kid


The reason why some kids (especially the first-timers) are having some issues about going to school is because some parents are still quite attached to their kids. This may lead to dependency issues wherein kids would be needing their parents’ presence in the school premises to perform better. Let go a little.


Personnel of Dubai private schools strongly advise against parents waiting and staying in school. This is to help kids be more independent and get used to the idea of going to school without their parents hovering on them.