Why Having Me-Time Laidback Vacation Is The Best Idea

When we hear the word “vacation”, we immediately think about family trips or group getaways. The thought of having vacation by yourself sounds preposterous and weird. But in reality, going solo on a trip can bring lots of benefits for you.

If you are not convinced on having a me-time for yourself, these reasons might change your mind.

  • You need some alone time


All our life, we’ve been living and interacting with different individuals. We spend time with our family, spend a lot of time with our workmates and other people. Sometimes, we forget to spend time for ourselves. A lot of studies already indicated that allotting time for yourself can do wonders for your mental health.


So free your calendar and book a deserted place to spend your Me-Time. Do not bring someone with you. You need to dedicate more time for yourself, and having company might ruin that. If you have a husband and kids, just explain that you need this time to relax. They will not take it against you.


  • You need to escape the loud and busy city


The loudness of the city can be overwhelming at times. Although you are in a way used to it, it would be nice to have some quiet time where no noise pollution can get through. When you are in a quiet place, you can relax your mind and you can think better. And a quiet mind can make sound decisions.


Book a quiet place away from the city. An urban oasis like the Desert Palm in Dubai would be an ideal getaway place for people who wants to block out the noise and spend some quiet alone time.


  • You need time to sort everything together


When you are busy dealing with everyday concerns, there is little time for you to plan for long term goals. You might think that you can at lease squeeze in some time to make your future plans, but there will always be interruptions. And when your momentum is derailed, the whole long term planning might get derailed as well.


Make time for this activity. Going solo on a trip, where no one can disturb you, might be a good idea. You can plan seriously but also have a relaxing and enjoyable time.


  • You can plan your trip the way you want it


Sometimes, we don’t get to enjoy the trip since we need to take into consideration other’s idea. You have to include their wants and needs on your getaway plans. But if you are doing it yourself, you can plan and schedule everything according to what you really want.

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